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Grey's New Olive Jar

Greyson loves olives. One night I was just randomly, and leisurely surfing Instagram and I saw a reel on this olive jar, and I was like Greyson would love this. So, part of her Christmas she got this cool jar! (Oh, and I can say IG made me buy it! Literally!)

Besides the fact that it's an olive jar - that holds olives It's offers a very cool sensory component. The jar has an hourglass flip design. This design allows for the liquid to drain to the bottom when you flip it. it's almost like the liquid timers Greyson loves.

Greyson loves flipping the jar up and down over and over. It's total sensory satisfying. The jar once sealed doesn't leak which is oh so nice. The jar is double leak proof design. (I hate messes and Greyson seeks to make them.) Being able to play with different unconventional things besides regular toys is something Greyson loves, so it's been my mission to provide her with them.

More about this Hourglass Olive Jar:

  • It's also good for pickles, jalapenos, banana pepper rings, pineapples, cherries and much more

  • Wide mouth jar (makes it super easy to deposit stuff in and take out.)

  • It makes for a great gift

  • You can find the one we bought here: Hourglass Olive Jar

Have you tried this jar? We would love to know your thoughts about it!

What are your favorite sensory gadgets? Share them with us!

(As an Amazon Associate, Love Greyson, earns a small commission from qualifying purchases in this post.)


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